well the 5-spd swap is now complete and i have a problem, the car does not shift into reverse and i tried the 2nd to reverse trick and no luck, anything else i can do before i drop it again and fix it?

isn’t it 4th to reverse and not 2nd???

Does it start finally?



yea it does finally start

is it an advance job to put in a new reverse gear, i suppose what i’m trying to say is, should i take it to a shop or should i do it with some members?

what did u find out the problem was?

i didn’t, i’m assuming i have to replace it because no one has replied with anything i can do.

Sometimes on cold morings my car doesn’t want to get into reverse also, so I put it in 1st and full forward a bit (not very much, less than a foot) and then put it back into reverse. It works for me.