Review:ETD/K-tuned traction bar 2013 model

the last thread i read about this is 50 pages long and from 08-2010 and the other most “recent” is also from 2010. so here is the 2013 edition with the latest model of the former ETD, now known as K-tuned traction bar. ETD has merged with k-tuned. they are one in the same.

no matter what anyone says, this bar is great so far. i have it installed on my da and its one of the most amazing things ever. installation was simple using their online instructions and all the hardware is top quality. fitment on everything was perfect. nothing had to be modified. it was 100% bolt in.

from daily driving to spirited, its almost as if it isnt even there. it doesnt make any noise as some have claimed their traction bars to do. it does NOT hang low at all. it pretty much has stock fitment in terms of clearance. the ride feel hasnt stiffened up at all. its still as smooth as it was before. i have koni/gc with 580F/440R springs with the konis set to the middle for dampening stiffness.

as far as performance goes, the front is definitely a lot stiffer in turns. a noticeable improvement. at this point, i have no complaints. the only downside is that the hardware that came in the box was a little jacked up. it was missing a couple washers. no big deal. i just improvised…

very nice. thank you for the review

almost a year later and its holding up just fine. there have been a few scrapes on the ground of course and it just brushed it off. very durable i would say. the paint is also holding up fine with the exception of the part that hit the ground… a lot…

the part with the eye bolts is still shiny where movement is regualr and they still rotate smoothly.

Good review. I plan to buy this kit too.

Did you see a noticeable increase in traction? I have a turbo DA, looking to get it hooking better.

well i didnt really have any traction problems to begin with being stock as a rock but launching was definitely different. the wheels spun less and it felt a lot more solid.

Great review, adding this to my list :up:

Everything just bolts in? No modding or fabrication for any mounts? Im planning on grabbing a set for my 93 GS. Sorry for the old thread bump.

yes, direct bolt in. no modding or fabbing of anything required.

OK cool thanks for the quick response. I have been reading around and on the ktuned site it says rad brackets add to cart but i was unsure if i could just reuse the stock hardware for that. Also would you happen to have a pic of how the motor mount bracket is hooked up? Thanks in advance.

the rad brackets are for if you want to use a half size or mount your radiator somewhere else. the mounts for the radiator are actually part of the frame and not the front “traction bar” or “sub frame” whatever you want to call it. i didnt use the front motor mount since i have hasports but the arm it comes with is pictured in the first post and if you look real close in the second picture, you can kind of see what the motor mount mount looks like on the traction bar. the arm for the front motor mount basically mounts the same as the rear upper control arm.

I have the same traction bar back in 2014 and it’s really good. Definitely a major improvement from stock.
only bad thing is the heim joints bind on hard turns like when making 3 point turns in parking lots and you can hear it pop.
also doesn’t do so well after raining, you can hear the joints squeak or click. . They also do wear making them have play in the steering. Also causing your alignment to go off center.

i have none of those problems… not a single one.