Review of DC Sport Catback Exhaust?

Can anybody give me their feedback on the dc sport catback? I want it mainly because i’ve heard it’s extremely quiet. Any feedback? any good prices? list how much you got it for so I can get an idea of what to aimf or.

I have a DC catback exhaust on my 91 ls-s
and it’s a great exhaust. It’s a really quiet exhaust
at idle and only gets louder at above 3500 rpm.
The best part is it’s fully stainless steel !

Oh yeah I forgot but i bought my Dc exhaust for $430 brand new.

Oh come on tell us where you got it!!

Friend had one on a 91 LX. Sounded great at idel, but once he got up in the rpm’s, it had a deep girthy rumble. I liked it a lot, just a little spendy for my tastes.