Review on SpeedBleeders ...

Well, I have been contemplating buying the SpeedBleeders for a few months now. I finally decided to do it when someone on honda-tech arranged a groupbuy.

Price :-
$27 for all 4, with thread sealant. They also have a stainless steel version (apparently for hardcore racers who bleed after every event) which costs a little more.

Installation :-
This was probably the easiest install I’ve done yet. After applying the thread sealant, I baked it in the oven for about 10mins at 200F as per instructions. Not really sure how necessary that was though. Only thing to be careful about is not to overtighten the speedbleeders down. After all, Helms torque spec is only 9lb/ft.
I had lotsa air in old fluids, and of course dirt. Used about 2.5 bottles (12qt) of Valvoline Synpower.

Finally, I really have nothing but good things to say about this product. Worked like a charm, no probs whatsoever. Even better if you work on the car alone like I do. :up:

Paired with my Axxis MM pads, braking is awesome ! I’m locking up my Goodyear Eagle F1’s in the dry :slight_smile:

i’ve been planning on getting some. is the groupbuy still on?

The groupbuy already ended but if you’re interested, i can give you his email and maybe he can hook you up.

what’s his email?


His name is Don, his shop is in VA.


needed to add to this thread.

i bought some myself 2weeks ago. installed fine. flushed out the whole system with some Valvoline Synpower Brake Fluid coz it was readily available. i’ll use some ATE Super Blue next time. bled according to Helm/Acura Specs. I never had an easier time bleeding brakes in my LIFE!!! WOW… indeed a one person operation!. installed em since i was swapping in fresh pads (Hawk HP Street) and Brembo blanks. just need some steelbraided lines and all should be good. :smiley: