Review: Thermal R&D Cat-back

just installed this bad boy today and…wow. I cant get enough of the sound. The butt dyno shows some much needed torque gain. I still don’t know if its worth the $475 i spent on it though. That’s quite a bit of cash for a high school kid with part time job.

Install: The install was very strait forward and i did it in 20 min with help from friend after school in the shop class. The old bolts were rusted on pretty good but an angle grinder and hammer made short work of those. The new exhaust bolted up perfectly. My only beef with it was it only came with one gasket and two bolts. The install actually requires another gasket for behind the cat as well as three more bolts to bolt onto the cat. I think my exhaust is leaking between the cat and the new pipe, so ill have to add a gasket there.

this is a sound clip from a civic, but id have to say its pretty close. Mine is slightly deeper and quiter.