Reving Alone!!! Ideling High!! Help!

ok heres the deal, my integra has been perfect and use to idle steady around 1000 RPMS. now it revs its self from 1500 to 2000, just sitting still, my foot not touching anything.

revvvv 1500-2000

AND some times, when its not reving, it sits steady at 2000. why is it doing this, how can i fix it?!?!

My 90 LS did taht for a while. It started when I unplugged the battery. To stop it I just resetted the computer. Take the fuse out the says 10, or 10A. It should be pink or red, and is also the upper most left fuse. Take it out for about 20 seconds. Do this when the engine is cold. Start your car up and let it sit there for about 5-10min. While it is sitting there make sure that nothing is on except for the engine, and dont give it gas at all.

Hope this works, it did for mine.

ok, are you saying take out the fuse, start the car, and then put the fuse back, or take it out, put it back then start the car?

take the fuse out, for about 20 sec then put it back in. Then start your car