revving really low!! HELP!

ok here is the prob… I recently changed my alternator. to do this I had to remove my power steering belt first to get to the alternator belt. After removing and installing a new alternator, I started the car and everything worked fine… but i noticed that my idle was REALLY bad! Its as if there is a stress on the engine or something, forcing it to idle really low. The idle speed is so low that it almost stalls the car. I think I may even have a loss of power… like i said, its like a stress on the motor or something? I just dont get it! help!


Hmmmm…try checking your belt tension on both the p/s and alt belts. It may be still loose.



well… I checked them and they are both pretty tight, but i dont think too tight…

Does the car actually shut off, or not?? The RPM’s just drop really low when you stop, or are in neutral, right?? But it drives fine, and you don’t have any problems when you’re actually driving right??

Did you reset your ECU?? I had the same sort of problem after I replaced the battery terminals, and after I reset the ECU, it was fine.

well I disconnected the battery for a full day and it still has the problem… It never shuts off…but idles really low. it really feels like something is stressing the engine… it even takes a little extra pedal pressure to rev up, know what i mean?


Quick questions how did you get the alt out?

Drop drive shaft and out?
Or did you try and pull it out throught the top?

If you came by the top (mission imposible) you may have broke and or undone the eacv. (electronic air valve) on the intake manifold’s underside. Please look and see if this is it!

Aslo look if you didnt cut any wires in this area!

I have a 1999 GSR engine in my car… so I was able to pull the alternator straight out the backside. It JUST fit with a little but of wiggling. I checked all the valves and hoses… everything is fine… this is too weird I have no idea what the problem is!