Rewired fogs

I rewired the fogs today on my buddies 1990 teg g2 rs so they would come on independently, like the teg tips section explained. I pulled the the red with the yellow stripe wire out of the fog light harness and spliced it in with the black with the yellow stripe wire on the defroster harness. Now the fogs won’t work at all. I have checked the fuses also. Thanks.

You did it backwards. Once you cut the wire, You have to splice the wire coming out of the switch, not the one coming from the dash.

Read the instructions again :

First, find the red/yellow wire in the FOGS switch. Cut this wire about 2" away from the switch.

Now take the cut wire that’s STILL attached to the switch and splice it into the black/yellow wire of the Defogger switch.

You may also find you burnt the fuse for your dash lights by doing that.

Question: I tried my best to get those damn swithces off of the dash, but only got the “cover”, and not the back part (therefore couldn’t see the wires). How do I get ALL of the switch off without breaking anything? I tried pliers, screwdriver, and brute force, and the damn back piece of the swithc was NOT moving…

Any help appreciated!!


Thank you for the reply 1ntegra. Curls, if u have a blank switch, inother words a space thats not used, pop that one out first it is easier to get out then once u get that u can hit the back of the other switches and pop them out, or u can just take the dash off. Thats explained in installing indiglo guages. Its not as hard as it sounds.

you can also find the red/yellow wire near the under-dash fuse box… it’s gonna be easier to play with it…

Just be careful leaving just the fogs on for too long of time if you have upgraded bulbs. They melted the lenses on mine. Glan I didnt have the 1 pieces.