Rewiring for light switch. Searched and nothing!

Point me in the right direction guys. I wanna rewire my switch for the fogs.

Are you sure you searched?

Took me all of…5 seconds to find this

i didn’t even search through the forums yet

RU kidding me?! I spent like 15 minutes and nothing. My computer just doesn’t like me. Oh well, thanks for the link.

How the hell do you get the damned switch off, the tip says you can take it out with a screwdriver. How?

take a flat head to the switch where it meets the dash. pry it so the switch will come towards you

better yet use a flat butteknife works wonders then the buky flat head

Or if you hard time taking it out and don’t want to broke it.

You can push it out from behind under the dash.

Hardest way, but it worked for me :slight_smile: