RI/MA/CT Southern New England spring meet

Sunday May 17th, 1:00pm

Goddard Park, Warwick RI, in the parking lot near the beach. Click the 2nd link for directions.

JayDM ls/vtec

count me in.

Mothers Day is definitely out for me, that won’t fly with my wife… lol
I think May 3rd or May 17th. I think the 17th is reasonable

Yea, lets aim for the 17th. Do you still have to pay to get into that garage? Maybe we should change it to Emerald Square in Attleboro?

I know what you’re thinking Nelly Nell… :stuck_out_tongue:

yea count me in, plus 2…for the 17th


17th is good for me! I’m down!

Providence Place Parking Rates:
0-3 hours: $1
3-4 hours: $5
4-5 hours: $7
5-8 hours: $10
8-20 hours: $20
20-24 hours: $25

Emerald isnt a bad idea, I just have very little desire to be there. I might be able to get us up on the top level of the garage, its closed off but the head of security is a pretty cool guy.

Me and Mike checked out Providence Place today and its a pretty confusing set up. I’m thinking we should either do Emerald Square, Patriot Place or just pick a park again.

P. P. Isnt to bad either way im down for this add me to the list

i vote either colt, or goddard.

colt was cool last year, but lets stay away from the rocks
on the grass … :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I had no problem with the rocks last year. I dont have monster truck status anymore though…:run:

I’m down for wherever. I think the garage thing just came up because of the eventuality of rain.

I hope you slam that bish to the ground!!! :slight_smile:
I don’t care where this meet is, I just want to see
a good turn out of DA’s/DB’s

Im not a fan of slammed rides. I’ve got slightly less than a finger gap all the way around now, but theres still a gap.

I couldnt agree more about just wanting to get together and see everyones rides. We just need to get our shit locked down so people will come out. So where’s it gonna be at?

PP is cool I guess… Almost done :angel:

You doing that or is a shop Kev? My car is getting the cancer pretty bad. I’ve got a buddy who runs a shop where almost all they do is fix rust, mostly mopars and old hotrods. He said he could fix it, but I’m not sure if I should just have a body shop take care of it when I’m in for paint.

I am in for the 17th of May. I highly do not recommend PP Mall. Depending on what goes on that Day in the city the entire garage gets full, I would hate to see everyone have to pay money and drive in circles in a full congested lot all day. Whats up with colt or goddard?

My car is almost ready to go dealing with MA reg, ins, inspection at the moment to get it on the road. My bro will go to the meet with the EG too if that’s cool.

I have a shop doing it for me. I only do mechanical/repair, I leave the
bodywork to the pro’s. :stuck_out_tongue:
He actually did Nelson’s car about 2 years ago. He’s
very, very, very fussy. If you’re interested in a quote,
let me know. You have seen Nelson’s DA, and you will
see mine soon … hopefully … :slight_smile: