Rice graphic removal

So the person i bought my DA from put these purple ricey graphics all over the car there all like an inch wide but there anoying and i want em off. There is a sticker in my car that has directions on how to put em on so i know its a sticker, but i wanna know how to get it off…anyone know?

A heat gun may be your best friend…

caper A heat gun may be your best friend… … thats about it and time cuz its gonna take a while if its on the whole car

No its like tiny little purple swirl graphics around the car. :gotrice:

Heat gun is one of the best things to remove decals and stickers. Just dont leave it sitting in one spot for too long. :bowdown:

same thing wen i got my car had some ricey crap on it so i got a hair dryer and a razor blade and some metho and heated dit up and slowly slib the razor blade under neath the decals and then washed it off wiht metholates spirtis after so ther was no glue left adnm it was done but be caruflu if u use the blade make sure u know wat u are doing and take ure time because if u dont u will scartch the paint good luck

sick thanks guys