Rim/Tire choice

Im about to buy rims for my red 90 GS.

I’ve decided on 16’’ Rota C8’s but am unsure on the color.
I’ve narrowed it down to gunmetal, royal gunmetal, but need some pics on red tegs!! If anyone has an integra with these to colors, post up please!! preferably red, but any other color is fine as well.

For tires, im down to
Kuhmo Ecsta supra 712 or the Yokohama AVS ES100.
Kuhmos = $70/Yokohamas=$78.
For now, i’m not going to be driving that hard, but i will be autoXing in 2 months or so after i get a few more things up to par on my car.

Input appriciated on what works best for the DAs