Rings for B20 Pistons

I’m looking around for rings to stick in this B20 block, and I’ve ran into a problem.

Some ring kits list the sizes as 1.2mm/1.2mm/2.8mm. The others second compression ring is listed as 1.5mm. So 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.8mm.

So I don’t get it. Both say for my block, but I’m loosing my mind here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What, no one knows? Last thing I want to do is try and get my information from Honda-Tech.

The thickness of the ring will depend on which B20 motor you have. I see you say that you have a B20Z2 just order the stock rings for it. I do not know about that motor but a B20Z cames in the Honda CRV from 1998 -2001

Yea, it’s that engine. But I’m on a limited budget, and was just going all stock on it. No high compression or anything, just your typical I/H/E, as well as a lightweight flywheel.

I’m just going to get some NPR rings. I’ve done my reading, and I know some have had bad, but plenty have had good. So really, I’m not sure which set to get because I’ve found both that say it’s for the Z2 block, but have gotten ones that are 1.2 and ones that are 1.5.

This is what I really need to figure out. If anyone with B20 PHK pistons have ever replaced their rings, and know what size to get.

On an Acura B17, B18a1, B18c GSR motor all have the same rings 1.2mm top ring 1.5 second ring 2.8 on oil control ring.

Just pull it a part and order what you need.