Risistor box gone bad?

i just bought a car with a fully built motor, but the injectors keep blowing out. car runs too rich and keeps bogging down. Motor was just built and he said that he put some new injectors and they blew too…a friend told me that the resistor box is bad. it’s a 90 acura integra with a 94 del sol vtec b16 motor
aluminum forged rods
aftermarket pistons
copper head gasket
port and polished head
with type R dual vavle spring retainers
type R cams
str fuel rail
venom fuel pump
act stage 3 clutch
jetspeed chipped ecu( no rev limit)

i heard copper head gaskets aren’t that great,so i’m planning on giong with OEM,
so what could be the problem? he said the plugs were soaked as hell too.

what ecu are you running?
are the injectors Peak and hold or Saturated? which injectors are they? (you can ohm out the injector to findout if they are PnH or Saturated… PnH will be like 2.9 to 3 ohms or something like that… Saturated will be between 10-13 ohms)
you can ohm out your resistor pack using a manual for specs to see if the resistor pack is bad.

the motor sounds nice…
is there a vafc? or some other form of tuning besides the Jetspeed chip?