RMF narrow style replica header

just wondering if it was worth the 475 to get these RMF replica headers?

i know they are replicas but the design is the same
and isnt that wut DC headers are? cuz greddy owns them
and sold their design to DC and DC uses their blueprints
to fab their headers and DC makes quality headers
(obviously for the less modded but nonetheless a good quality part)

so as long as the design is the same and its made from good materials
shuddnt it be the same or similar? and for half the price of and actual
randy monroe header i think its a gudd buy

i saw that on ebay for sale…but i just got a hytech replica header instead…i coudlnt pass up a good deal

Do you feel a big difference with the hytech replica header? I was looking at those header on ebay as well…

actually I just bought it should be commin in this week…will be putting it on shortly sometime this month…Ill update this when i get it installed

hmmm, that looks like you could almost cut the downpipe off where the pipes gather into a group and weld a fcollector/flange on for a turbo, is there any room? is it too close to the block?

pardon me, but why in the hell would you do that? for $500 you could get a nice tubular manifold and use it for its intended purpose…

im just sayin, if u had one and wanted to go boost, its already equal length

and actually if u did have one of these u wuddnt have to cut it off cuz its a 2 piece the little ears that u see that are welded on it are for spring flanges