RoadHugger Tires?????

Hey guys, my name is Joe and I just joined tonight. I bought a 90 rs 3dr 3 weeks ago and love it. It had 137k miles and I paid $2500 USD for it. Good deal? Anyway, it came with roadhugger tires and I dont know who sells them. Who ever the dummy is that put them on put the front ones on backwards so I have no traction in the rain. Im trying to find who sells them so maybe they will switch them for free. Ive been browsingthis site for 3 weeks now and its good to finally be a member. Anyway, any ideas about the tires would help. thanks


Nobody? oh well, thanks anyways.


Sorry bro, ive never heard of the tires before… hopefully we can help you out with some other problems.

hey! welcoem to the club ( i mean the addiction ) anyway… just go to any tire place and they can switch them for $20 or something like that. I wonder if they are on backwards maybe the brand is on the other side? who knows… maybe the tire place will know, do they have good tread? good luck.

Well, i got them switch and its better now, still not the best wet tire tho, i asked the guy at the tire place and he said they were pretty much the cheapest tires you can buy. they are almost brand new so i cant justify replacing them. im trying to sell then to my dad cuz he needs 2 new ones for his 84 celebrety wagon. it has 195/75s so theyd fit but might look funny. and yes, the addiction is slowly taking effect. thanks

You’re in Bonney Lake, WA? What does your car look like maybe I’ve seen it around? Is it still stock? I live in Puyallup. Maybe you’ve seen me around, my car is green, lowered, 95gsr rims… I think I’m taking my car to the Bonney Lake Les Schwab tomorrow since they’re about the only place around here that aligns lowered cars. See you around…


Thats where i got mine switched at. i just got my car a month ago from the mazda/oldsmobile dealership in puyallup. my dads buddy is the sales manager there and gave it to me for $2500. its a dark blue 90rs 2dr thats still all stock. they were selling it for 4999 but the managers dont make comission so he gave it to me for what they paid for it on trade. it s got 137k so i figured it was a good deal. i had a 87 supra turbo before with about 300hp and 340 torque so this isnt quite as fast but putting $10 in the tank is the greatest feeling. i am actually moving to the apartments behind tiffany’s skating rink in 3 weeks and getting married in 5 weeks. maybe we should hook up sometime so we can talk cars or something. email me See ya around