Rocket Motorsports Cams ,Springs and Retainers

Does anyone have any experience with Rocket Motorsports cams, springs or retainers?

good stuff

the M22 vtec cams are supposed to be good (very similar to Jun 3’s) and carry power to 9K or so. they peak earlier than 9K obviously, but, don’t drop off rapidly. if you are on a budget, just buy a set of blox spec b cams. they are exact copies of Skunk2 s2’s, which in turn are a Jun 3 copy. they go for $400US. another thing is if you are seeing dyno’s on the internet of motors with RM cams, Buddy Club, Jun, Blox Skunk pro 1’s etc. you have to overstand that the moajority of those motors are crazy $5-8K builds. the headers on most of those motors are no less than $1000US. point being, making power is about having a very good set up. it has nothing to do with what parts OTHER people buy and use. many parts out there work very well but constantly get shitted on buy people who know absolutely nothing. lately every has been jumping on the bandwagon and keep biggin’ up parts. yet, they have no experience with the part or the companies customer service. i can say that i hear that Rocket covers all of these angles, as well as other companies. but, i’m just saying don’t believe everything that’s out there. its getting hard to sift through all of the bs. you know, one day Skunk is junk, then they release a new cam and its the shit again. g/l with your project, do your reasearch and spend wisely.