rod bearing color code.

well i did a search and got nothing.

question is, how do i find out which color bearing i need for the stock rods on my b16a ?. i called honda the other day and the guy tells me that HE doesnt even know hahah … figures…

you have to take the bottom end appart and disassemble the crank to get the color codes off the barrings. only way.

okay well i hate to bust your bubble but i jus got off the phone with honda and actuall all you have to do is get the number off the side of the rod, and the letter off the crank blades.

no need to disassemble anything… jus take off the oil pan and windage tray of course…

thier gonna fax me the color code chart.

Just so you know, if you try to buy bearings somewhere else, like napa or something, they will have a std. set wich is very irritating, they will also have no idea what you are talking about with colors.

I used one of these “standard” sets rebuilding a D16A1 a little while back, and all of the tolerances were within spec. Just a little info for you.

Obviously if you are rebuilding for performance you want the tightest tolerances possible, but if it’s just your mom’s civic, you can save yourself a little cash by not buying Honda bearings.

Obviously you are correct about how to figure out the color code. The chart to figure out the color from those two numbers is the same on a D16A1, D16A6, B18A1, and ZC, so I figure it is universal in regards to Honda engines.

Here is the chart, page 7-6 of helms, page 6 of this pdf file.

  1. get NUMBER off side of rod.
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  2. get LETTER off crank blade.
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  3. coordinate numbers and letters with chart.
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Right, I was just agreeing with you.
Is the color chart for the B18A1 off of the site I pointed out earlier the same chart as the one they faxed you for the B16? Just curious.

yeah all the color codes are the same…

actually even the oil clearance spec’s on the other side of the page match what honda faxed me. and they list the d16y7 & y8 and b16a2 for the examples.

like you mentioned, it must be a universal ID feature from honda.