Roll bar safe for dd?

Hey I was wondering if its safe to run a roll bar for a dd. Im getting into auto x but i still daily drive the car now. I very rarely have more than one passenger but it does happen once in a while.

safe for just ppl in the front… but if u have someone in the back the risk is greater. as long as u don’t have a roll cage then i personally think it’ll be ok. just remove ur back seats so that u can’t put anybody in the back. if u do keep ur seats in the back, then buy some helmets for them.

dont forget to make them sign a wavier :giggle:


shipping to hawaii is gonna be a bish if you order an autopower one

Thanks for the imput guys

Roll bars and cages can increase your risk of head injury in a collision, regardless of where the occupants are seated. They are meant to be used in situations where the occupants are wearing helmets. Remember that “safe” is a relative term.