Roll Cage in a G2 teg

Hey, ok i have removed my back seats completely, and gutted the whole trunk. i was wondering how to get a rollcage, i dont want the kind that go all the way to the front like on the doorside of the seats, just a kind thats behind the 2 seats so i can hook up racing seatbelts to them. if anyone has any tips let me know!

a 2 seater is better, a seat for me, and a seat for my b*tch!

A roll cage generally comes to the front and is a “cage” around the driver. What you want is a roll bar, which stays behind the driver. Autopower supposedly makes decent ones, you can find them at . Search around some here and on for some other manufacturers of bolt in bars. Another option is ask around locally and see if there are any chassis fab shops in your area that could make you one.


I’m sure that Cusco roll bars are excellent (they’re blue, too!), but they only make them for the 1997-00 Integra. Would they fit a G2? Just something to think about.