Roll Cage/Roll Bar Pics??

can i get some pics of DAs wif roll cages or roll bars? also state what brand or if it is custom…if you had to weld or if it is bolt on…im looking to buy an autopower cage but not sure on how it would fit…but im also open to see other brands as well…:werd:

is this for a DD or a track car?


why are you caging a daily driver… ?

cause he wants to race on the streets and not end up crushed under a semi!

caging ur DD… HIGHLY NOT! RECOMMENDED. if u’re doing a roll bar then that will be a bit safer, but thats if u don’t have passengers in the rear. caging will definitely stiffen ur vehicle, looks cool, but if u don’t have a helmet, it will prolly be the cause of ur death in an accident from ur head hitting the bar or the bars hitting ur head, and thats with or without padding. a roll bar wouldn’t exactly be near ur head (depending on how u sit). so if its DD, the farther i’d recommend is going with a roll bar. u prolly wanna put a harness bar too (am assuming)… looks cool, feels great when it keeps u in the seat… issue is that ask anybody that has harnesses how difficult it is to turn ur head and check ur blind spot, or to drive in reverse for parking. it keeps u in the seat… i’ve seen some have both the harnesses and stock seat belts, a good idea for ppl that track their cars during the weekend n still gives them the flexibility when DD it.

^thanks for the info…ill keep that in mind

yea tryin to look over your shoulder sucks with harnesses on. I ended up gettin some those harness pads cause they would cut into my neck when i turned to look

well harnesses weren’t made for DD. they were made for track where looking over ur shoulder wasn’t something u really had to do.

so do we have some pics? i wanna see :slight_smile: