Rota... Worth It?

I am checking into these rims…
WEIGHT: 12.5 lbs. (15 inch)
… but I wanted to know if anyone has them on their teg… and if they have any pictures… and if they are a good rim. i’ve seen them around, but just havn’t been sure. thanks for any input or advice… josh.

ive heard all but good things about rota’s, very good price light weight rim, good and strong, i would give it a thumbs up man, go for it

ask dna thats whats on his teg

Anyone know anything about those Konig Subzero’s ?

Konig are Rotas. Same company.


Originally posted by integdrag

yups really… all made in the phillipines :smiley: rota, obx, konig subsero, slipstream, any good knockoff that looks like a bling bling lightweight rim from volk, mackin, spoon or desmond