Rotor Removal on Distributor

I’m trying to take apart my distributor to switch out the sensors. My problem is the rotor on my existing distributor does not have a screw on the side, like the new one that I’m taking sensors from did. How am I suppose to take off this rotor button?



Is the distributor from Distributor King by any chance?
I actually ran into this problem on a distributor
from them this past weekend.
You should be able to gently pry
off the rotor, and a hole should be underneath it.
The OE rotor should have a hole in it,
and you will have to use a 5x12 screw.

There is a screw, but in order to expose the screw the rotor has to be in a certain position in its turn.

To expose the screw, you may have to manually turn the engine via the crank bolt in the wheel wheel. Taking out the spark plugs will help relieve compression and make turning the engine easier.

they don’t all have screws. i’ve encountered this problem in the past… i ended up breaking the rotor off!

The distributor is off the car, so I have no problems turning the rotor. There is definitely no screw there. Guess I will try prying it off by hand.

Hmm interesting. I’ve never seen one without a screw.

Yup… same here… all the rotors I’ve changed, they all have screws.

All the distributors that I have seen (Honda OEM) have ALL had
screws. I just recently ran into a distributor that did not have one,
and I later found out it was one from Distributor King. I then did a
search and found a few others that ran into the same problem.

The hole for the screw is underneath the rotor, I guess they
just press a blank rotor (one without the hole) onto the
distributor shaft.

most aftermarket rotors do not use screws. they have a spring clip in them.

wow, this is news to me, I’ve never seen one w/o a screw. I’m pretty sure the dist I’ll be using now is a Distributor King piece, I’ll have to check to see if it has a screw. If it doesn’t I’m ordering a new OEM rotor and screw immediately.

I would be interested to know if yours had a screw, please
check and advise. :read:

Sometimes there is no screw…I had a distributor on another integra which I didn’t have one…so if you’ve turned that motor 360 degrees and still don’t see a screw I’d just go ahead and pry the rotor off with a flathead screw drivers, but you need to be 100% sure there is no screw there. Mine must’ve been an aftermarket one…FYI if you put an OEM one back in make sure you use an allen head bolt to make removal easier next time cause the screws which hold the rotor strip real easily. Do a search on my name to find he thread where I mention what size allenhead bolt I used which I picked up at Orchard Supply Hardware or Home Depot.

All OEM distributors come with screws through the rotor from
the factory. If it’s aftermarket then I guess it depends
on the make. I’m curious as to which ones did not have screws.