Rotora rotors squealing

I have a set of cross-drilled/slotted Rotora rotors in the rear of my 91 LS. Now the cheap National Auto pads squealed when I would drive around, I wasnt braking an they would squeal.They would stop when I would turn then continue to squeal on the straights. So I bought a seat of Axxis Ultimate pads for all around. I seated the brakes an for 2 weeks they were fine. Now they are starting to sqeal again an this time when I do light braking (stop sign to stop sign) they squeal as well. I am looking into replacing the rotors now, but if I dont need to that would be nice. Any suggestions? If you have a good brake setup with no probs let me know what it is, most likely I might go that way an copy it.

from what i know the Axxis ultimates are a fairly performance oriented pad. Any High Performance brake pad will squeal, and it is normal!

Why do they squeal? Because the pad compund is very abrasive meaning greater stopping power. If your looking for somthing performance oriented that does not squeal i suggest the HAWK HPS. i have a set in my GS and they are dead silent, braking is better than oem and they are very low dusting aswell! Highly reccomended for street users!

No brake pad should squel while your moving, you have a bad caliper is my guess. Check to make sure they “float” with no resistance. also check your E-brake cable, it might might be causing your rear rotors to act like they are stuck if it’s adjusted too tightly or hanging up somewhere.

you are correct, i’m sorry they should not squeal while you are moving without your brakes depressed. at low speeds they may make a tiny noise, and i know peoples who do… squealing underbraking is fairly typical of a high performance pad though.