hey my teg shakes big time when i apply brakes at high speed, or any speed for the matter, it shakes. I just got new front tires,brakes, and new axel (driver side), tires were balanced. i dont know a lot about rotors, but they look orange (rust i guess), but someone told me i either need them turned or buy new ones:

couple of questions:

  1. what does the shop do when they turn the rotors? can i do it? how much (est.) would that cost?

  2. how much for new rotors? how many would i need to replace?

  3. will all this solve my problem?

just got my teg a month ago, so sorry if i sound like an amateur.

any ideas one how to hook it up

unless you have a brake lathe you aren’t gonna be turning your rotors yourself. Should cost to much to get them turned shrug

I just bought a rotor for another memebers car…the rear one was like $23 or something like that plus tax…Front will probably be a little more
If you’ve got shaking in the steering wheel then it’s your front discs.
if the steering wheel dosen’t shake then it’s your rear brakes.

replace both sides of whatever you do fronts or rears and do the pads at the same time.

Very often you can find a place that will turn them for free if they can be turned. Most rotors can no longer be turned because they are manufactured very close to minimum tolerance. I replaced my front rotors about 2 months ago and they wern’t too expensive like 25-30 a piece. You can probably get some crossdrilled ones for about 75 a piece.


thanks for the replies guys
whats the big deal about crossdrilled rotors?