Rough shifting 5 speed - synchros?? or low oil??

Hey guys,

I have a 91 Rs with a 5speed, and about 130,000 miles on it.

When shifting it is sometimes rough, and i can even hear a metallic ‘rattling’ noise. It is mostly when shifting into 3rd quickly that i feel it, sometimes even in a quick upshift to 5th.

I’m hoping its not the transmission

Could it be a low oil level?

In the event that it is a badly worn transmission - what is the best tranny oil to smooth it out?



-91 Rs Coupe
-90 Gs Coupe

are you ever having a hard time sticking it into gear… like it just doesn’t want to go in? mine started doing that last week… and now i found out my clutch is done for. need a new one.

but yours sounds more like your synchos. 3rd gear is usually one of the first ones to go bad…

but you can check your Manual Tranny fluid level. the best fluid is to get the Honda MTF. good stuff.

I JUST switched from Honda MTF to Redline Synthetic… “smoother shifting” is an understatement. It’s worth every penny you pay for it.