rough start up, need help please

ok so its late here and i just finished putting in another LS motor into my 91 DA
i started her up and this is how she acts
i gotta go to work already so im unable to pull CEL codes right now but will do first thing when i get back home

for now ill post this video


the motor came off a 92 obd1 DA
i noticed that the manifold had this valve i believe its a EGR valve (correct me if im wrong)

could that be my problem? because i dont have anywhere to plug it in, being that the obd0 manifold never had that valve.
if anyone can tell me whats going on, and a solution to fix it that would be gladly appreciated.

That is an EGR valve. It is found on an automatic Integra. If your car is a 5 speed I would recommend changing over your old intake manifold. Dont know if you can block it off or not.

for some odd reason when i blew my old LS motor im guessing it cracked the intake manifold (dont know how or why) but i had no choice but to use the one that came with this motor i swapped in.

i checked the CEL codes and i dont know why but
im throwing
map, tps, and iacv.

but before i swapped this motor in it wasnt throwing any codes
i used my old TB that still had a good tps
i never changed my map cause it was still good
the iacv is good also

thats an egr in most cases with no vaccum going to it the car will idle very rough even sometimes shut off…u need to get the right manifold or do some custom work haha… everythning should clear up…

Tomorrow ill be picking up the correct manifold, hopefully it fixes this problem, ill keep this thread updated if it does or does not.

put the new IM in and she runs perfect now, theres no CELs


theres a coolant leak that i cant find thats coming from the back of the motor underneath the IM, ive noticed that leak was also occuring when i had the previous manifold.
i checked all hoses but none seem to be leaking.

any suggestions?

Could be the water pipe on the back of the motor. But first check the coolant lines on the back of the IACV and follow them down to the water pipe. Sometimes the seal that connects the water pipe to the block and thermostat housing goes bad.