Rpm issues

I’ve been having some issues while driving when the rpm goes from 4,000 and dips down to zero and jumps back up to 4,000 but it only does it for about a mii second.

I’m curious as to what it could be and the possibilities I have right now are
Iacv clogged up ?
Ignition problems ?

anymore ideas on what it could be would be awesome I wanna find out and fix whats going on with my engine

and its a b18a

does ur rpm meter jump often? high rpm feel like its holding back?.. if so it could be ur distributor goin bad

yea I had a gander at it earlier and it seems my distributor is set slightly retarded I’m gonna try advancing it to see if it helps the problem.

it doesn’t do it often and I can get her up and going up 6,000rpm easy

I’m just hoping the engine last till my other one is built thanks !