rpm keeps jumping

i sprayed stp intake caleaner in the manifold an then it started idleing @ 1500 then when the car warms up the needle keeps jumping can anyone help me with the problem because i been driving it like this for 3 days an its really driving me crazy

lol… lemme guess it only happened after u tried cleaning the throttle body?

if so… then u messed it up. its ok tho. i suggest u search “IACV” and “hunting idle” u prolly have debris or an air bubble in ur cooling system. i suggest u try bleeding the cooling system. bleed it today, tonight, the next day, and the day after that.

ps. why did u clean the throttle body? i still don’t understand the point of cleaning it unless u actually go in there and like wipe it down or whatever. cuz spraying stuff in there just gets onto the intake runners, then they get dirty, then it goes to the valves, and they get dirty. even if u do rev it a bit and do it, then it just gets ignited, and that adds to the amount of crap that cakes on top of the piston and on the bottom of the valves.

Had same proplem but I didn’t put nothing on there took it to mechanic and he fixed it replaced iacv and it worked than the next day I disconnected my battery and hooked it up and now it’s idleing againe what do you guys think it is ?? Might be sMe proplem he’s having thanks !!!

follow all the suggestions in the IACV teg tip. also depends of whether the idle is bouncing while the motor is cold, normal op temps, or both. if it only acts up when the motor is cold… then u should clean/service/replace the FITV. if it only does it when the engine has warmed up then u should clean/service/replace the IACV.

i highly suggest u search and read those teg tips tho. it will have all the info and solutions needed.

i swaped it out of my other integra parts car an its still doing it that was my first thought one of my friends told me that its the sensor that is on th intake manifold rite where the intake conects but u have to chnage the whole part cuz it doesnt have screws on it an i wanna make sure thats the problem b4 i swap it out

http://www.g2ic.com/tegtips/engine/10.html perhaps?

i dont think thats the problem cuz this started happening after i messed with the intake manifold

ah ha. you prob have a leak there. take a can of brake cleaner and that little straw they supply with it. turn the car on and let it warm up. spray a little brake cleaner on top of each of the runners. betcha the car tries to die, if it does, you have a leak there. retorque the manifold down.

i tryed that nothing i think it has to be a sensor it doesnt jump any more but some times it idles high