rpms stay rev'd after releasing gas!

So i messed with my accelarator a few weeks ago and now its totally nuts.
I cant floor it without it getting stuck. I could drive it slow but cant floor it.
the rpms stay rev’d after releasing the gas pedal.
help me out!
92 integra ls!

Strange? Try to remove the cable off the throttle body leveler and pull and push the cable to see if there’s a bind in there if not then play with the throttle body leveler back and forth to see if the flap is not binding with anything inside the throttle body. Get some throttle body cleaner and spray good inside the body to get all the dirt clean up. Hope you can find the problem all right.

teflon safe TB cleaner… avoid IACV inlet (top hole in side TB) it can get clogged from all the junk being broken free at once

ThanKz im going to try that!
ill keep posted