RS have power antenna?

I couldn’t find this topic on a search so if anyone knows where it’s at, please post a link.

I’m wondering, does the '92 RS trim level come with a power antenna? Mines not power, but I’m not sure whether it’s stock or not since my car’s a rebuild and I never saw anything in the helms about a non-power antenna.

I think they were non-power, I have seen other cars without power antenna.

RS trim level did not come with power antenna.

Thanks for clarifying that for me guys.

i had 2 and both were power.

What year is yours? Mine is a 1993 RS which is all bone stock and did not come with pwr antenna. Also know of 2 other RS models that didn’t come with it. Hmm maybe you are one of the lucky owners.

i currently own a 1992 RS coupe. equipped with a power antenna.

is there no sterio in these cars? becuz i know some RS’s didnt have A/C or radios. was there no antenna at all? or was there an antenna that stayed up?

It has a manual antenna that you would pull up or down. It is located in the rear qarter panel drivers side. I know the RS is the lower end which did not come with alot options. Since yours came with a pwr antenna I am curious of what other options you have.

Mine is a '92 RS Coupe, I had a manual antenna on it, but I also have AC and a stock cd player. Must have just been options that were chosen when the original buyer bought the car…

You guys know whether the hookups for a power antenna motor would be there even if it didn’t come with a power antenna? I might pull my panels off later and take a look.

one of mine was base model. it has no a/c but had power antenna till i offed that mofo.

Radio’s and a/c’s were dealer options on the RS from 90-93. Accesories.

The Antenna was not. The RS’s only came with manual antenna’s.

Power antenna’s on any Rs models are either aftermarket or an Ls version, (tho highly expensive)

My buddies RS doesn’t have a Radio (of anysort) (a big din), no place for speakers in the doors (but has a grill), Cup holders for the speakers in the back, a non power antanne (but no radio), no a/c, and no a/c push button, no sunroof, no cc, pdl, pw, no lumbar suppeort adjuster, or carpet (has a black plastic style crap that feels like ice in the front (worn down), and sand paper in the back.

He does have a B16 though :slight_smile: (just put in.)

My 90 RS had a power antenna (the only thing powered on the car) but now has an S2000 antenna.

Once again, anyone know if the power hookups will be there even if no power antenna was there originally? I tried to get my plastic trunk liner out the other day to see but I started to get lazy when it wasn’t coming out within the first 5 screws. That and it was freezing outside.

Yes the hookups are there.

Thanks a lot, appreciate it.

my 1991 RS came with a power antenna from the factory


I do not have a hook up for power antenna. RS trim. Look all over thinking the body shop that shaved my antenna clipped the wires.

My '90 RS had a power antenna. It’s been ten years since I bought the car so memories are a little fuzzy, but I think the antenna mast was stuck in the down positiion when I bought the car. I yanked the whole assembly out and put in a stationary antenna. I have never understood why a power antenna is so cool. It’s just another thing to malfunction. Keep it simple.