Rs or Gs lwhich one is liter?

which one wegihs the least

typically the RS - has less stuff.

you really need to stop posting the same damn shit all over the place…you’re gonna piss people off…

i feel that you dont know how to use the interweb, computar machine, and the english language very well, so this pic should help you with your question.

HAHAAAAHAAA!!! :rofl: :rofl:

“On the next Pimp-My-Ride… Segways!”

fuck you guys! :gunleft:

comments like that are going to get you banned. oh yeah, and here’s a little something i threw together for ya

lighter is not spelled liter
which is not spelled lwhich
weighs is not spelled wegihs

please go ahead and search next time. your question has been answered before, many times.