rs*r exmag vs. dcsport exhaust

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i have a dc sport exhaust right now but im kind of thinking about selling it and maybe getting an rsr. i have heard alot of good things about the rsr but i want to see if anyone knows if the rsr is quieter than the dc sport. does anyone have a sound clip of the rsr.

Out of curiosity, is the DC too loud for you? I’d love to get the DC system personally.


im very happy with the dc sport. its probably the quietest exhaust i have heard. when i first put the exhaust on my only mod was a highflow cat and it was pretty quiet. but i now have colt cams, header, highflow cat and intake so its a little louder . im just looking to see if there is a quieter exhaust.


does any one know if the exmag is quieter than the dc or have a sound clip of the exmag?

I don’t know for sure, but from what I have read, the RSR is the most quiet exhaust that you can get. I have been saving money for about 2 months to get mine and every night I look for more info online about it, because that’s the one I want. Every time I get the same answer - RSR is the best for performance, and the lowest sounding exhaust they make for a teg. I’ll probly get mine soon, I’ll try to get some sound up for you.

JoeLooper: thanks for the responce. a sound clip would be great if you can. do you know where you are gona get it from yet?

I have the RS*R Ex-Mag and yes it is quiet. It opens up more when you step on it, but nowhere near annoying. Unfortunately I don’t have a sound clip for you.

TeKnoHe@d2025: where did you get yours?

Ebay, brand new.

TeKnoHe@d2025: you got yours from drift_esales right. how is that guy to deal with. he has them for the best price that i have seen but he has been geting some negative feed back but also gets some really good feed back. if i do decide to get the exhaust i might get it through him.


Yeah, that’s who I got it from. He had like a 96 or 98% approval rating with like 500 items sold when I bought it I think. I figured that was pretty high so I went with him. Exhaust got here within a week, $50 shipping plus insurance and nothing wrong with it once it got here.

Ok the old RSR’s were quieter, the new ex mag is not going to be.

I’ve had a few aftermarket exhausts powder coated the whole length and it drastically cuts down on the resonance that is the really annoying part. and seems to lessen the actual db

Originally posted by Mythos DA
[B]Ok the old RSR’s were quieter, the new ex mag is not going to be.


what? i have the original RS*R exmag before they were discontinued

My friend with a DA just bought one of the newly re-released rs*r EX mags which is the same model of mines.

Why would the new ex mags be any different? their a exact copy of the older ones, when i listened to the new ones, they were more quiet then my mines, considering the abuse and age of mines. So their exactly the same

What gave you the idea that they were going to be any louder then the oriignal?

SOL1D: thanks for posting and clearing that up.

thanks for posting everyone. i think i am gona probably get one in the spring.
thanks again.

LOL what ever happened to the sound clip??? I wanna hear too!!!

I recently ordered an Ex Mag from Hop Up Racing over somewhere in San Diego, CA. Unfortunatley, i just called them and they told me that all RSR’s were on back order for at least a month. I was also considering the Greddy Sp-2 when deciding on a cat- back. Should i just go for the Greddy instead? How does the Greddy compare to the RSR volume and power- wise? I know the RSR will probably be quieter, does that mean it was also be more restrictive and, therefore, less powerful?

I remeber one test where they tested an RSR against open header and the open header made about 1 more HP which is usally considered noise or an acceptable variable on dyno runs aka non important

At Last an RS*R Sound Clip

Hey all. Well when I went to get my RS*R system all I wanted more than anything was to hear it first, but that never happened. Anyways I bought it anyways so here is a sound clip for anybody else who is interested.

BTW- I have a 93 teg with comptech 4-2-1 stepped header and a magna flow high flow cat. Enjoy :up:

PS~ Sorry bout the quality, recorded on a digital camera- special thanks to tribb333!!

Edit- Sorry, try the link now. let me know if it works or not.

RS*R ExMag Exhaust

link no worky…

The RS*R sounds like an OE ITR exaust on an ITR.