RSR Ex Mag Owners please help!

Hey guys I recieved my catalytic converter so I am ready to install my exhaust. However I have a question. My car is a 91 LS and I have DC headers installed. I bought a direct replacement catalytic converter so it is going to be like stock. The extension piece that my RS*R Ex Mag exhaust came with is for the 92-93 model. I upgraded to 92-93 bumpers. Will I need to use the extension piece and where exactly does it go. Does it go after the catlytic converter? Please respond as I anticipate to do this tommorrow. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

the adapter piece goes after the cat, and before the new B pipe.

Do I need to use since i have 92-93 rear bumper. My car is a 1991. Oh and I think they didn’t send me all the hardware to bolt it up. How many bolts and nuts should I have?

The extension piece has nothing to do with the chassis or the bumpers, it just has to do with the length of the cat. The 90-91 cat is longer then the 92-93 so that extension just bridges the gap between the cat and the B-pipe; understand?

If you bought the RSR new, all of the harware should be in the box except for the nuts which mount the B-pipe to the cat, or the extension to the cat if you had a 92-93 length cat.


thanks I put it on already. However I had problems with my catalytic converter the new one. I have to call magnaflow and replace it. Sounds great!