rsx seats = recaro = oooooo wow

hey i hope ya guys liked my subject. thought some1 might look. well i was wondering if rsx seats fit in a da? i will prolly use 4 pt harnesses since i dont have my seatbelt box plugged in anyways. these seats are soooo nice and expensive as hell so if i buy them i want to make sure they will fit. also are they power? whats required to use the power parts? thanks

First of all, were you getting the base or the premium/Type S seats? I’d recommend getting the base seats as they’re not leather and they’re not heated.

Anyway, I’m positive they won’t just bolt up. You’ll most likely have to fabricate a custom rail of some kind, or at least modify your current ones. You have to do this with almost any seats other than stock though.

Problem: RSX seats have airbags in them. They’re just added weight in your car since you don’t have any kind of airbag system.

Recommendation: Don’t bother with RSX seats. Just buy actual Recaros. Probably the same price as the RSX seats (or cheaper) and they won’t have airbags in them.

BTW, the base seats aren’t power seats. Not sure about the Premium/Type S though.

i know some1 sellni a set pretty cheap. how do the airbags work if they are in the seat? ill rip that shit out?

sure, waste of space and weight.

DONT get the cloth seats, their ugly, and, very uncomfortable. The leathers on the other hand are very comfortable, and look great

the leather rsx seats crack… they feel nice… but u slip a lot… since the seats were fitted for lets say, wider, occupants… cloth sticks better… IMO… mom drives base premium, so i know how the leather feels. but its very supportive.

Originally posted by EddieGSR
DONT get the cloth seats, their ugly, and, very uncomfortable. The leathers on the other hand are very comfortable, and look great

and make sure you slide all the fuck over the place when you’re on a track. :tsk:

hmmm, does it say hes gona be racing in these seats?.. oh let me check… ummm, nope.

I sat in the rsx cloth seats, they are comfortable, but… ugly as hell, thats all i was sayin

i never said he was racing, but then, HE never said he wasn’t. the best way to determine proper seats for his vehicle would be to ask him. i also never said the rsx cloth seats were a good seat…in reality i have yet to find a honda (save for the NSX) that incorporates a comfortable yet grippy and supportive seat.

I would take the base RSX seats over the Type S seats any day. I don’t know why you think they’re ugly. IMO, the NSX, EP hatch, and RSX have the best seats ever available in any Honda/Acura products.

the seats are great. looks better than the civic si ones IMO. but leather doesnt go well when making those hard curves. the cloth ones look ugly, but keep u seated better. either way, i’d still take both over my stock torn up teg seats… heheh

ok i kinda have 2 options. i found places to buy cloth and leather. if i get leather all i have is front seats, yea they look good and i dont understand how you would slide around looking at them they look like u sit deep as hell in them.
the cloth i can get for about 400 plus another 250 for them to be re upholstered in black and real dark grey with blue stitching, and the guy will re-upholster my stock rear seat too. this means recaro’s for under 800/pair and add 150 for weapon r 4 point harnesses, i got a full niterior thats sick as hell

fyi racing seats never come in leather. you can imagine why. so after considering that, screw what others say and do what you want. i had always wanted leather, but when i realized i wanted to put in some track time i threw it out the window.
btw its not a good idea to use harnesses on the street w/o at least a roll bar. stick to your stock belts on the s treet.

cant, it will beep with the new seats in unless i disconnect the power seatbelt box so my only stock choice would be using the canadian manual seatbelt conversion. i may fab up a roll bar later on. maybe mount it where a c-pillar bar mounts then on the floor behind the doors on each side. for now i need seatbelts tho. even if they arent the safest.