Running lights


I ran into a problem during my 10 day safety period.
Whenever I’d start my car with the handbrake on, my running taillights we’re fine. As soon as I would drop the handbrake, the taillights would go off. Even if I’d put it back on, they would still stay off.

If I would shutdown, and restart it with the handbrake on again, they would be on, and vice-versa.

Now, I came to the conclusion that there’s a bad ground somewhere. since I disconnected the handbrake ground, and grounded it for good. And now my lights work fine. The only problem is, the light on my dash doesn’t work anymore and if I was to get an alarm with car starter, I need my handbrake to work properly…

Anyone have any ideas or past experiences?
I’d really like to fix this while my car is totally in peices.

I took a few pictures if anyone is interested.

Thank you

Looked at your car – that must be an XSi cluster?

Is your car a 90 or 91? Cuz in 90, all of the lights were on from the moment you released the handbrake to the moment you turned the car off. With the 91’s, it was only the headlights that came on, and only very dimly.
Right now it seems like it’s backwards for you…
You say you start the car with the handbrake up, and the tail lights are already on? That’s weird. I’m gonna check my helms and see what I can find… tomorrow… need sleep now :wink:

Nice cluster eh? :slight_smile: Actually it’s a 90 LS. I purchased the cluster to go with the JDM B16A I’ll be dropping in soon.

But I believe it’s something related to the DRL relay. Instead of getting it’s ground from the relay, it gets it from the handbrake, but then as soon as I drop the handbrake, the ground is gone, and lights go out. That’s the only thing I can come up with.

But let me know what you find.

This is the best I could find. Unfortunately I think it’s for the 91+ integras that had a different DRL setup… so some things might be a bit different :
Hope it helps: