Running once again.

Bell guys, I got my Teg running again. I converted it back to an Automatic, because once I got a 5spd I started going through a motor a month. Hopefully this will fix the problem (I just wasn’t meant to be destined with a stick I guess). Heres what I have going on…

-B20B motor with new head gasket and $500 port and polish job
-My old B18A tranny tricked with 12K on my level 10 kit and tq convertor
-My old B&M tranny cooler
-B18A ECU with old school S-AFC (soon to be tuned(Maybe on turbo))
-Complete motor tune-up with redline fluids and NGK ignition

Thinking about adding a turbo with my old kit, but adding a front mount intercooler (not the 1g side mount) (will help prevent detonation), But the B20’s 7mm thick walls worry me. If I do I will only push 5psi dyno tuned, can’t take chances, this is a B20 we’re talking about. I am hoping to get into the low 14’s with my auto tranny, Had chances before, but I don’t really drag.

We NEED to have a meeting in the knoxville area, Know pleanty of people that have G2’s. Nobody from this sight has ever seen my car. I want to show her off.