Rust Checking

Hey, I live in Canada and and the winters are harsch here and they use a lot of salt on the roads and I want to rust check my integra I am wondering if anyone rust checked their car ? I am wondering where to put the holes as I am going to do it my selfI bought a rustchecking gun?

I used to do rustproofing for Ming in Winnipeg. I never did my own car, but here are the points you should be going for:

  1. Hood. Not sure what kind of rustproofing you’re using… if it’s that black stuff that never dries, you might not want to do the hood… if it’s other stuff you can just spray it in the seams along the front of the hood from the bottom
  2. Front fenders – you can usually access these by popping the hood and going in through the front corner of the fender (there’s a bit of a hole there)
  3. Doors – either take your inner door panels off and access them that way, or drill a hole in the back of the door about 6-10" up from the bottom.
  4. Door sills – pop those plastic pieces off your door sills and see if you can spray in the existing holes. If not, drill a new hole that will be hidden by the plastic afterwards.
  5. Rear 1/4 panels – either take the tail lights off and go in through there, or drill a hole in the back of the door jamb
  6. Trunk/hatch – take off the plastic and go nuts :slight_smile:

Of course, I had about 3 or 4 different types of applicators I used when I worked there, and I’m not sure what kind of gun you got or what attachments it has, so some of these options might not work for you.