Rust!!!! Please my da's and db owner :(

OK whats up guys i just got my first original gsr bout a week ago and today was the first day i washed it, and while i was shammying it, i seen that my bumper was hanging a little losse off the clip and i discovered where that first clip goes ( closet to the q.p on the driver side has a shit load of rust):(, well my question is to you guys IS HOW do i go about this for now being that i dont have the funds can i cure it in some way for now, should i knock on the rust out somebody please help give me direction this is my first car with rust and i love my db2 with all my heart, HELP, ALSO THE PICTURE RIGHT BELOW points to where water sits in the inside,how does it get in there? and can i do to reassure water wont get inthere please respond to the thread or p.m me ASAP WITH ANY IDEAS HELP, or SUGGESTION




first, i would replace your tail light seals and check to make sure that your sunroof drains are not disconnected.

your sunroof drains run down from the roof along the C-pillar and down to the rear of the car, right before the power antenna but on both sides. they arent fastened to the car in anyway, they just slide over the grommet, and can easily become loose and fall off.

fixing the rust is going to be difficult. if i was you i would take out all your trunk lining and start knocking off the infected metal, then get a wire wheel on a drill and get to work removing all the rust. after you get most of it off, if you cant afford to actually weld in new metals to fix it, get some rust inhibitor or paint and cover the area. use zip ties to hold the bumper on if it rusted off the tabs that hold it on.

this is how my rear bumper stays on at the edges and its been like this for almost a year with no issue.

edit: it also looks like your antenna isnt using the OEM seal between the body. this might also be an issue. id scout a junkyard and try to find an actual OEM part.

thanks bro greatly appreciated
anymore suggestions are still welcomed

i agree with him …i think i have the seal for the antenna an i can probley cut that piece oyt for you of my parts car shoot me an offer if you

I’m in the process of doing the same thing right now. I’m using por-15 and it’s working great. Here’s how mine looked.

oh shit, i finally dont feel alone in the world lol what is that por -15 your talking about?

go on and buy a starter pack. stuff is awesome. have to follow steps though. can’t take shortcuts. after you’ve sealed everything up, you can use adhesive for the mounts for the bumper. you owe it to yourself to take apart the whole ass end and fix it right.

i was thinking of re welding new metals in there what you think

Well yeah, that would ultimately be your best solution if done right. What you’re trying to reconstruct is two square openings about a 1/2" wide spaced about an inch apart. It just rusts around those openings that the plastic square mounts are supposed to clip into permanently. That’s why I’m thinking once the rust is sealed permanently I would just use adhesive for those mounts as they are not supposed to come out anyway.

using rust inhibitors is a great idea when youre strapped for cash or unable to do the welding yourself.

but like it was mentioned, rust inhibitors work great for a quicker and cheaper fix.

make sure that the spot where the unibody mends to the frame rails havent started to rust too, if thats the case cutting and welding is your only safe option since that is a high stress area and should not be compromised any further with the use of puttys and such.

Definitely agree. In my situation it’s not that far gone to warrant such an extensive repair. On a side note I did discover that the fuel tube from the filler to the tank was pretty rusty on mine and i will treat that as well. Would n’t have know the extent if I hadn’t pulled out the fender liner on that side.

hey man there a lot of ways this can be fixed, the best is to cut out and weld in new metal AND cover it all in por 15, that stuff is great
where abouts in PA r u, Im near lancaster, and would be more then willing to help u out with it. I do also do bodywork and paint stuff so i could fix it entirely to if you wanted, hit me up
my email is or 717-725-1989
and id love to check out a gsr, i dont see them often