Rust problem!

I have a sufficient rust problem developing on the bottom of my car, The biggest problem is in the door. you can put your arm through it. But looking at the car from the side you cannot see any rust at all. it is alll under the car! Can I fix this? professionally done? or new parts??

yah rust is a problem on the g2 i finisihing up replacing both my quarter panels with rust free ones. try to take some pics of ur rust. it sounds really bad.

professionally would be best.

Honestly, rust repair is so expensive, you have to even judge if the car is worth it for you. No body shop will guarantee the repair, since the chances are high that it will come back soon.

If you want to do it yourself, get a grinder, grind off all the rust, and them some. Get something like POR15 to slather on the remaining exposed metal, and the use fiberglass sheets to cover the holes.

Do all the prep work yourself, and shoot it yourself if you can. But you may want a body shop to shoot the paint.

You will save a fortune if you repair it yourself.

i’m actually doing a ton of rust repair right now check it out it’s a long as process but when i get it repainted next week it’s gonna be worth it

woah, my rust is not even close to as bad as that!
It’s just under the door its bad. I am taking autobody classes now, the only thing I have not done is painted so I am sure I can fix it, but I dont know what to do with the holes!

it depends how big the holes are if there smaller u can fill them with welds we filled the emblems holes and little holes here and there but i shaved the antena and basically just put a piece behind it and tacked it in so u might just need rust free metal from a g2 and weld it in.