Rust repairs around windshields


I have a 92 LS 4dr 5sp (orig owner) and would like an opinion about fixing the body around the windshield.

I’ve really enjoyed driving the car over the last 14 years (love the handling and road feel) and decided I still really like it and wish to make it last longer.

The windshield was replaced twice but the second time - the techs mentioned the first windshield replacement job was ‘a real hack’ and a few years later it all started to rust. I applied some rust converter about 2 years ago which really slowed down the growth of rust. However, rust is starting to appear on the trunk and rear fenders. I got the impression that the windshield would have to come out to really get rid of the rust - and perhaps a new paint job will help it last longer. I would want to keep the Torino Red Pearl colour if possible.

The windshield has never leaked yet.
Anybody care to share any rust repair around the windshield advice?

BTW, found a few Integra sales brochures, '90, '92. Graham

Rust will always come back unless you spend a fortune. It’s a shame, but it’s true. You’d have better luck buying another G2 from a better climate…

I tried fighting it on my G2, did a ton of rust repair, repainted, and it came back about a year or so later.

I’m not surprised to hear that. It’s a shame - but I guess nothing lasts forever. It’s been a great car with very little problems - I will miss her when she’s gone.
I think the best I can do with this one is a bit more rust convertor and a bit of spray paint.
I have enough money saved for a nice new car but am very undecided about what floats my boat. Until that point will enjoy this ride.
Thanks, Graham