"rustoleum $50 roll-on paint job"




Had a friend do this back in the day to a car. His came out okay, but not as well as the picture in that link.

That was the “method” for a minute or 2 back on '05-'06

this was the method back in the early 1900’s

Still is the “method”.

For painting walls inside a house.

That friend was me!

I did this to a 240sx, it came out decent, better than maaco, worse then everything else. I’ve done it to a few wheel-2-wheel build Spec 944s and that was perfect for race cars… I’ve also done it to my TT built 2nd gen teg… :shrug:

You joined this site AND had a second gen Integra? Why didn’t you tell me?

cuz nobody like you homie.


I have a 2nd a gen. Weston bought a 3rd gen and I bought a 2nd gen. Plan is to build it for as cheap as possible and embarrass the fuddy-duddy BMW TT drivers at the local track events. Of course I say this as a guy that just sold a BMW Z3 that I wrecked TTE with.
Here’s the roller paint job on my 2nd gen, I didnt spend any prep time at all on this one so it looks much worse than the 240sx did. I pretty much just lathered it on and left it. Better than the rusty, peeled mess the car originally was though.

Ahh man I miss you guys. Glad to see you’re still into racing so much. I saw Westons Vette run up Central City Parkway that he posted on HAI. I was going to ask him if that car gets him tons of chicks but he disabled the comments. Keep up being awesome. :up: