???'s about Steering Wheel & HVAC Controls

I just recently purchased a 1992 Integra RS for my little sister. I have two questions …

I wanted to change out the HVAC Controls on her car, b.c they light up intermittantly and it is very annoying. I saw that for the DA’s, there are two different set of controls. One set, the ones that are our DA, is the ones with a sliding selecter. The other set of controls is the ones with button selecters. Would the HVAC Button Selector Controls be a direct replacement, or would I have to mod the car to get them to work correctly?

I wanted to change out the steering wheel, because her’s is crusty and old. Other than the 3 Spoke DA Steering wheel, what other OEM Honda/Acura Steering wheels fit without modifications?

The 4 spoke JDM one. The civic wheel may fit. (92-95)

I’d just get an aftermarket one, but if you want air bags(if the car came with them), then try the others I mentioned.

The HVAC controls should swap over pretty easily, just get them out & plug in the new ones. You can probably trace the blinky lights to a shorted or badly grounded wire though. Easy fix.

Get her the Haynes manual,too. Trust me, you want it when stuff goes wrong, or when doing stuff like you’re talking about. Hondas & Acuras have a lot of “hidden” screws; & the manual is great for problem solving. You can find out which wires are the HVAC power & ground too. :burnout: :manual:

Wow! Thanks for the input. I really dont like the Sliders too much. I hope it works. Thanks.

This is just info I’m givin’ as general knowledge; so I may be mistaken. However, this should be OK. The HVAC harness shouldn’t be different. Ask Fcm in the electrical just to be sure. I just looked in the Haynes manual & it says nothing about the harness being different.

Remember the blinky lights will still be a problem if you don’t fix the wiring.
:burnout: :manual: