(S0-Cal) Various Black Interior Parts 92-93

I know it says I have zero posts, but I was very active on here before 2008. That’s when I had to get rid of my car. All parts are from a 92-93, Located in Azusa, CA, and a majority of it will be for pick up only.

Most interior pieces from a 92-93. This was all I could find. All these parts are really clean. I was hoping to a black on black project when I picked it up, so some of it had to go with the car. Sunroof visor, armrest and rear deck cover are no longer available. I’d prefer for all of it to go at one time to one person. We’ll see how it goes after a while. $200 OBO for all of it.

I need sunroof visor !!!dibs!! Text me 623 806 3361

How much are you wanting for the piece that covers the rear of the ebrake cover?

Hello I am local to Azusa and wanted to see if you would be willin to get rid of some of the panel pieces and other items. You can text or call me on my cell 626 482 1693 greg


Is the glove box hinge still good? If so, how much shipped to 73005? Text me 405.638.0569

Are people just NOT reading the ad and just looking at the pictures?

This is so sad. You could make a meme out of this.


I dont know what I said to get that comment, but the thread was bumped by the OP just this morning. Maybe you should read…

If you want to part out some stuff later plz hit me up first. My number is in the older post. Thanks