s1 on a b18a?

OKay, so i can get a s1 for 500 bucks with very low km/s on it, new clutch and axles, you think it would be a waste of time or no?..i dont need to go faster then 180, i just wanna get there faster, with no turbo(for now). So, any Pro’s, Cons, good idea, bad idea, would be good, i know ill be making more torque but my fuel milage will be down the drain… Anything i should be worried about? cables, not matching, input shaft splines, anything and all info would be greatly apprecitated… thanks alot guys, love this site, lots of good info, keep up the good work

Ya thats about the going rate for them. Im running an S1 on my b18a and i love it. Goes very quickly thru gears. One of the only downfalls is highway driving i sit at 4300 around 60mph but it’s not that big of a deal unless you have a loud car, then it could get alittle annoying. Oh and gas mileage didnt change for me to much.

4300 @ 60? did you mean 70? I’ve never heard of a s1 bein like that.

Is it an LS S1 or a B16 S1? If it is the shorter geared version and it has verifiable low kilometers, go for it. If it is the long geared version I wouldn’t pay more than 300 for it.

it’s a b16 s1 so, wicked, thanks for the help, gonna rebuild my ys1 for my b18b Turbo:) grinds in 3rd and 5th when im driving not to casual