S1 transmission ???

okay so my car looks like it’s been bone stock all of it’s life except for maintenance. I know it has newer half shafts, and hoses…ect.

I took it on a trip last weekend and noticed it runs right below 4k at 80mph. So I think well I guess some one put a gsr in it. Now tonight I leave a stop light a little heavy and fell the front end shift sideways instead of one wheel peel. I find a back road to do a quick burn-out and see if it was a fluke but two thick even strips on the asphalt.

I go home jack it up and spin the wheels, once again yep LSD.

So what I can’t figure out is how a S1 has a LSD. I found a chart on the net and it says S1/J1 *no LSD and the S1/YS1 * no LSD

the tag on the bell housing says S1-1----- can’t remember the other numbers

I’m sure I’m beating a old subject but haven’t been able to search out a real answer here or on the rest of the net

You got lucky. Only other way to see if its LSD is to look through it and see if you can look straight through it, or take the transmission apart.

Now I wanna check if i have lsd on my s1…