s3 light blinking..wont give code tho?

as title says it just blinks dont blink 1 or 3 or 10 times just continuously. ???HELP???:bang::bang::bang::bang::bang::bang:
edit: this is after i put a new transmission in out of parts car and i drove parts car b4 i took tranny out didnt flash there

what year is the trany?

there should be a diagnostic indicator on the control unit. control unit is under the dash, to the left of steering column
and ye, what year car and donor car?

here’s a pdf i found with trouble codes and diagnostic aids

both cars r 91s

If it blinks more then 12 or 13 times then it says the control unit is bad maybe you did not plug that all the way in?

what is the control unit and do u think it could be because i didnt fill the tranny up yet it is prob a few qts low and it says something bout temp sensor i gotta top off the radiator to but no honda shops was open over weekend to get honda fluid? thanks!! for quick replys!

just look through the pdf. all your answers are there. including checking trouble codes and location of control unit.
edit: you have to locate the control unit in order to check the code(s). the s3 blinking is only telling you that there is 1 or more codes stored in the unit. not the actual code(s)
edit again: or you can top up the fluid, double check that all connections are made, make sure everything is as it should be, and disconnect the alternator fuse under the hood for 10 seconds. if everything is fine, the light shouldn’t blink and the code(s) will be erased
that pdf is gold. some great info on auto trannys in there

i never drove it just started it up…but i did forget to plug in the sensor next to axle but i pulled battery cable offf maybe not long enough. i read it…dont make much sense to me but thanks for ur help mang!
edit: i must be retarded i cannot find the control unit

it will be up under the dash, bolted to the left side of the body. should be above and to the rear of the fusebox
just try disconnecting the 10a alt fuse under the hood for 10 seconds.

ok i will try tomarrow thanks for ur help man. hope everything goes well.

i’m sure it’ll be fine. outta curiosity tho, why’d you replace the transmission?

remember it wouldnt move. no codes or nothing after replacing tranny and dumping out old torque converter i think it was a bad converter insted of trans. the fluid looked like oil it was so black but it now has a low mile trans in it.

oh ye. ye usually black fluid indicates a bad converter. oh well. she had to come out anyways

yeah i hope everything works out i was gunna build teg but my dd the trans went out of it and cheaper to fix teg then my gtp.

codes 2,7,8???

Look in the link that walfare posted it in there

i did still cant figure it out :(:bawl::bawl::bawl:

lol. did you try driving it yet?

yeah wont shift unless i do it manually.