S4C Clutch in a YS1

Hey guys, getting a little technical here:

I was planning on buying a new clutch and flywheel for my manual swap soon to come, but a guy I know has a Exedy Organic (stage 1) mated to their 11lb flywheel. It only has about 400 miles on the combo. We’ve been going back and forth with each other and have found out that it will mate to my YS1. I called and verified with Exedy if it will mate. The flywheel is the same part number (HF01) between a 1992 ls and 2000 civic si, but the clutches call for two different numbers. However, the S4C clutch is the same part number for the Y80/S80 (94+ Integras).

So all that aside, we verified the spine count and shaft size to be the same between the two clutches. So it will work, but he stated “I cannot guarantee you will not have any clutch chatter because of the pressure differences between the two transmissions.”

I haven’t had time to call and have them elaborate, but what exactly are they meaning? The pressure from the pressure plates? Or the amount of pressure required to clutch the flywheel?

Aren’t the two pressure plates the same? It was to my understanding that all b-series pressure plates are interchangeable.

Any insight would be great, I don’t forsee any chatter coming from an organic clutch and 11# flywheel (OEM is 18#), most people run into chatter with 7.5# flywheels.

Thanks a ton everyone!

  • Brandon

I just got off the phone with Evan at Exedy again. He told me the only difference between the two clutch kits is the throw out bearing. Explains how similar the the part numbers are.

Problem solved :up:

  • Brandon

You could have just searched here. It’s been discussed to death…

I did search here, CI, HT and some local forums. Nobody ever gave a solid answer. Regardless, the guy ended up sellingthe parts from underneathe me so I just got an OEM kit.

  • Brandon