Sad Day

My first da is going to be crushed. :sad:
I sold it to a friend of mine about a year ago because I needed money to buy an engine for the da I had recently bought. That car and I had quite a history. It was the first car that got me into the whole “Import/Car Scene” (thanks also in part to my boyfriend at the time) and made me fall in love with the G2s. It saw 3 different engine combinations while I had it, took me down the drag strip for the first time, won a few races, blew an engine up, bent some valves, broke some springs, and now it’s been raped of everything good and heading to the crushers. I almost cried when I heard the news. Granted she wasn’t much to look at but it will always be one of my favorite cars. It was always my dream to make that car perfect but money never really allowed that to happen. Now there will be one less da on the road.

RIP Crayola

why is it being crushed?

He doesn’t have a need for it, I don’t have anywhere to keep it and besides all that it has been stripped for parts.

At least she will be a organ Donner and keep other tegs on the street. RIP teg