sounds dumb and i searched for it, but what is a VAFC or SAFC? what constitutes either of their use?


Thatz the company who makes it

what are they then?

Air Flow Converters

Air fuel controllers. When you use a power adder such as cams, that bring in more air, you need more fuel also. Hence Air Fuel controller. The best power is made with an optimum mix of fuel and air, and these two items allow you to do that. HTH :smiley:

Also i found out today at the track that i am very confident that honda’s R&D made sure that the b16a 2nd gen performs better w/ stock cams w/ the V-tec crossover @ 5800 or 6k around there used V-AFC today starting from 4500 all the way to the stock pr3 v-tec crossover and performed better w/ stock settings…